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Auto Repair

Cooling and Heating

Why a Temperature Gauge Fluctuates

Find out why an automotive temperature gauge fluctuates and how to determine if it's a false indication caused by a problem with the gauge or sending unit. Review two of the most common reasons for engines to experience fluctuating temperatures. ...(more)

Electric Rear Window Defogger Problems

Although a rear window defogger doesn't work as quickly as a front windshield defroster, it should begin melting ice within ten minutes, depending on outside temperatures. See how the system works, plus learn how to diagnose and repair them....(more)

How to Solve Windshield Defroster Problems

Is there anything more important than being able to see out the windshield of your car? If you're not sure on the answer try living without your windshield defroster. See how the defogger system operates and learn to diagnose problems. ...(more)

Daul Zone Climate Control System Problems

A dual zone climate control system is a well received convenience. It magically solves the argument of one passenger being hot and the other being cold. See what to do when this system malfunctions. Learn about vehicle specific problems. ...(more)


The Job of the Muffler Hanger

Exhaust systems are an important feature in any car. They reduce noise and filter out carbon monoxide which keeps the drivers safe. However because they are attached to the bottom of the car, a hanger is necessary to keep them from falling onto the road. Muffler hangers, also known as exhaust hangers, come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to minimize vibration and noise while keeping one's exhaust system intact. Installation of a muffler hanger is a simple job and one that can even be done at home should money be an issue at a repair shop....(more)

The Importance of the Auxiliary Air Valve on the Exhaust

If you care about the performance of your car then you will need to know that even something as little as the auxiliary air valve on the exhaust system can rob you of those essential few extra horsepower that make the car perform smoothly. So it is very important to check that the valve is working properly. The auxiliary air valve helps with the burning of the exhaust gases, and if the valve is not working, that could spell a ministry of transport (MOT) failure. So you will need to know how to search for the valve and how to quickly fix it in case it fails to perform as desired....(more)

Acura TL Cabin Filters

If you own a car model year 2000 or later, chances are that your car has a cabin air filter. First made popular in the European market in the 1980s, it has spread to the United States and is featured in about four out of every ten vehicles made. Few car owners are aware that they even have a cabin air filter in their car. This can cause problems if it is not replaced regularly. If you own an Acura TL, you have one of these filters. It's important to know what it does, when you need to replace it, and how to replace it, in order to make sure that your car runs efficiently and provides clean, breathable air to its passengers....(more)

Verifying the Correct Auto Repair Estimate

Discover how to evaluate an auto repair estimate properly. Review the three main components that make up a bill for car repairs. See how shops should reach the final number. ...(more)

Common Winter Time Windshield Wiper Issues

Discover how often wiper blade should be replaced. Learn what you can do to increase the interval between replacements. See how this system operates and review symptoms when problems develop....(more)

Common Automotive Problems After Service

Auto repair consumers might find it necessary for a return visit to the shop after services are performed. Whether it's to resolve original complaints or a new problem see how human error can often be the root cause. ...(more)

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