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Solving Automotive Parking Brake Problems

Find an answer to the question, is it a parking brake or an emergency brake? In addition, learn how these systems operate and how to diagnose and repair common problems with m (MORE)
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Replacing Rear Disc Brakes Common Problems

Replacing disc brakes on the front of an automobile is a fairly simple operation. However, when it comes to rear disc brakes the repairs are often more difficult than they fir (MORE)
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Common Problems when Replacing Rear Brakes

Replacing brake shoes at home has always been a favorite task for driveway warriors. Sometimes we get more than we bargained for and run into an unexpected problem that seems (MORE)

Five Things Your Car Wants before Summer Hits

Review five things your car wants before the heat of summer takes you both by surprise. Putting off what you could do today and waiting till the middle of July might ruin a ni (MORE)

Knocking Noise from the Front End

An intermittent knocking noise from the front end of an automobile can drive even the most stable person crazy. Here we'll discuss a few problem areas that often create clunki (MORE)